“Body posture directly influences function” P. Pope UK PT


It all started when…body shape and posture go wrong….

The earlier the intervention, the better
— but it is never too late to start
protecting and restoring someone’s
body shape. (Mencap, 2011).
— http://pamis.org.uk/site/uploads/a5-booklet-final.pdf

Posture Care positioning is based on Restorative Yoga Asanas and the UK Nighttime Positioning Program.

It includes observation and intervention skills in order to identify, prevent, and in some cases, even restore conditions related to thoracolumbar scoliosis, pelvic obliquity, and hip migration/subluxation/dislocation. This triad body shape distortions and deformities often occur early on in individuals with developmental disabilities, including individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder.