Posture Care

Individuals who find it difficult to move are at risk of developing changes in their body shapes. Distortion of body shape was in the past, synonymous with disability and was considered inevitable.  A postural care program initiative well accepted in the UK is now gaining recognition in the US.  Posture Care is based on the premise that improper position is a cause of “deformity” in children with cerebral palsy and it is caused by the negative effect of gravity on an immobile growing child, rather than spasticity or muscle imbalance. It also postulates that body shape changes are preventable and in some cases can be restorable. Posture Care’s main idea is based on the advantages of symmetrical supine lying over improper posture.  Gravity’s negative effect which causes predictable patterns of body shape distortion, can be directed to positively influence body shape when it is the body properly aligned and supported.  Posture Care is a training program which aims to help individual to stay 24/7 in optimal positioning when lying, sitting and even standing and it includes education, awareness, and positioning technique. 

Disability and Body Shape

How yoga, postural care and therapeutic positioning help

relieve physical stress by improving alignment, symmetry, and elongation of body segments


How Posture Goes Wrong: Body Shape Distortion in Cerebral Palsy

The article will suggest similarities between alignment of the body in the supported supine lying positioning, for postural care and in the supported yoga posture of Savasana. These positions gain benefit of relaxation and elongation of the body via gravity and prop support at key bodily regions. To read more....



Compassionate Care:

Women with disabilities bring a range of experiences, attitudes and feelings about their bodies—all of which shape the rehab process. The more we understand about a woman’s image of her own body--with all the feelings and history underlying it--the better we can tailor a therapy program that meets her physical and emotional needs. To read more....



Yoga and Physical Therapy

Change in the health care arena is not the only reason for the recent scarcity of physical therapy consumers. There's a hidden competition in the treatment of people with health conditions, particularly cases of neck and back pain and chronic disabilities. Part of this competition comes from yoga teachers and dedicated yoga practitioners, who often specialize in therapeutic exercise.