Postural Care - a workshop in NYC - UK learning in NYC - I hope you will come

Predicting, preventing and reducing contractures for the pediatric & adult population.
Participants will learn positioning that encourages ability, and function while protecting body shape during the day and the night. Through discussion, photos and videos, the workshop presenters will explore postural care of ambulatory and non-ambulatory children and adults with developmental disabilities. It introduces an approach modeled after a UK program of postural care that encourages ability and function while protecting body shape. Topics include assessment of habitual postures, methods and techniques of appropriate positioning for daily activities and at night, and an interdisciplinary problem solving approach that includes family, teachers and caregivers. Postural Care techniques are being practiced in the U.S.A., UK, Hong Kong, Australia, Norway and Canada. 

Guest speakers:
Liz Goldsmith, Physiotherapist
John Goldsmith, Educator