Physical Therapists and Yoga Teachers Collaboration.

Why Collaborate?

Having studied with several different yoga disciplines over the years, I've discovered a fascinating world of knowledge that allows me to integrate yoga postures, breathing and other principles with my physical therapy treatment modalities. Through yoga studies, I've met dedicated people who use a different language to describe the same movements we deal with in physical therapy.

Many yoga teachers are able to instruct therapeutic exercises that are at times more beneficial, interesting and effective than the options physical therapists can offer. Physical therapists can learn from this group, and adapt and accommodate this knowledge to benefit patients under their care. Sharing our professional knowledge in anatomy, physiology and biomechanics can benefit both groups and the public at large.

Most experienced yoga teachers understand movement and movement dysfunction from experiential aspects. I've found that as a result, their level of understanding of posture and movement is often deeper than those of most PTs.

The collaborative model is not a new idea. Many physical therapists are already sharing their knowledge with yoga teachers and practitioners. Others are teaching yoga themselves, while still others strongly integrate their treatment philosophy with yoga principles.

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